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I’m Ramona Reeve, lead editor at todayslovelife.com. I’m going to be honest with you. I used to struggle with gifts. I was always one of those people who wanted to give the perfect gift for every occasion. I believe every celebration is important — big and small. But when it was time to pick out the perfect gift, I’d break out in hives. And if those occasions hit back to back to back? Don’t get me started. Then I learned the secret. I figured out that the thought behind the gift, plus personality, and tradition mixed with a modern touch was just the right formula for gifts that show your love. Gifts aren’t something to stress over, and it can be just as fun to pick out a gift as it is to give it.

Even though choosing a gift can be fun and exciting, doesn’t mean it’s easy for everyone. We all need help. One person can’t possibly think of every single thing, and that’s when this site was born. Even if you don’t find the exact gift you want for your loved one here, you will find thoughtful inspiration, and that may be all you need to get the job done. We do, though, research every possible occasion from Valentine’s Day to 50th anniversaries and everything in between. Taking into account tradition, creativity, personality, and thoughtfulness, we give you lots of gift ideas that you’re sure to love and put to good use. It’s our gift to you. Our team wants nothing more than to take the stress out of gift picking and make it a happy time for all.

Here at todayslovelife.com, you’ll get the 411 on all the latest gifts and a jumping board so you can add your own personal touch. We also want to hear from you because you’re a creative thoughtful bunch of people, and you surely have great suggestions for gifts (or new occasions we haven’t thought of!) Feel free to leave comments on our posts or contact us on our contact page. Thank you for visiting our site. We hope you enjoy it as much as we love creating it.