How To Take A Break In A Relationship Without Breaking Up

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If you feel that your life seems overrun with romantic relationship woes, you are not alone. Relationships can do a lot to enrich our lives. However, when they aren't going well, they can be the source of a great deal of angst as well. Of course, there are those people who meet, immediately seem to have the kind of love that you thought only existed in fairy tales, and live happily ever after without ever seeming to have a single problem. However, for those of us who are only human, finding the road to happiness takes a little bit more work. Sometimes, you may even want a break from the relationship. You may want time alone to figure out if your partner is really right for you. There are many things to keep in mind as to how to take a break in a relationship without breaking up.

The Difference Between a Break and a Breakup

If you want to know how to take a break in a relationship without breaking up, the first thing that you need to determine is whether or not you want to breakup eventually. Taking a break does not always mean breaking up.

Recognizing the Difference

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The difference between a break and a breakup may seem straightforward, but this is not always the case. The end results are sometimes the same, but the intention is not. In the case of a breakup, the intention is to end the romantic relationship between the two people. They do not ever intend to get back together in a romantic sense at that time (although in some cases they do later decide to get back together).

In contrast, taking a break simply involves both people spending some time away from the relationship. That may be because one or both people are confused about their feelings and needs time away to ponder them. Essentially, a break up is hitting the "stop" button on a relationship, while taking a break is simply hitting "pause."

It Could Go Either Way

If you are wondering how to take a break in a relationship without breaking up, it may or may not be possible in your specific case. In some cases, taking a break does ultimately lead to a breakup. However, in others, it can end up making the relationship stronger than ever. In some cases, the outcome depends on the reason for the break.

Some couples decide to take breaks because one of them wants to breakup and does not want to be straightforward. In some cases, people want to see if there is anyone better out there for them. In these two situations, breaking up seems quite likely.

However, there are couples who want to take breaks from each other so that they can work out personal issues. Others want to deal with issues that have nothing to do with the relationship, such as mental health struggles. In these situations, they may be able to rediscover the magic they once had.

When couples take breaks, they have the chance to examine themselves and their own feelings as they relate to the relationship. They get to figure out their own needs and perhaps what needs to change in the relationship. How to take a break in a relationship without breaking up involves both people genuinely wanting to get back together, engage in honest communication, and work to improve the relationship.

Alternatives to Taking a Break

Sometimes, taking a temporary break is not the best idea for the couple. Some couples would be better off either breaking up entirely or staying together and working on their issues. Wondering how to take a break from the relationship without breaking up is not always the answer.

When Breaking Up Is Necessary

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Many people are thinking about how to take a break in a relationship without breaking up because they actually want to breakup without actually initiating a breakup. However, this is almost never a good idea. If you want to breakup with someone, you should be straightforward. It is unfair to your partner to pretend that you have intentions of reuniting when you do not.

When Sticking It Out Is Best

Additionally, there are situations where it might be better to stay and work on the relationship rather than taking a break. If the relationship is becoming complicated and exhausting because of issues between the two of you, it can be very tempting to want to take a break. However, in many cases, this is the very time when you should not take a break. This is instead the time when you should be working extra hard on communicating with your partner.

Working through problems, rather than running away from them, is often essential. Also, it is important to make sure that you are both on the same page when it comes to the break. It is important that you both communicate how you feel about the relationship before you decide to take a break. If one partner just wants to take a few weeks away from the relationship and the other wants to breakup, that could create a messy situation.

Different Types of Breaks

Breaks can entail very different things, depending on the couple. There are many different approaches taken by couples when it comes to how to take a break in a relationship without breaking up. The intentions are often predictive of the outcome.

Short-term breaks

In these situations, couples aren't really taking a break from the relationship. One or both of them may just need a few days on their own. They may want to spend some time parents or friends out of town. They do not want to change the status of the relationship and just need some room to breathe. Many would not consider that taking a real break from the relationship. It can be very healthy to take some time apart in this way.

"Heat of the moment" breaks

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Most people have said something they don't mean in the heat of the moment. Relationship breaks are no exception. Many people, mid-argument, will say they need a break from the other person. However, this is not truly how they feel. In many of these situations, once they calm down, they will realize this is not what they want.

Breaks with no contact

When couples take these breaks, they agree upon a certain length of time in which there is no contact. They do not communicate via phone, email, or even social media. Essentially, they are experiencing what it is like to be single. In many cases, these types of breaks lead to breakups. However, in some cases, the two people will realize that they miss each other and no longer want to live apart.

Exploratory breaks

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Some couples decide that they are going to date other people when they take breaks. If this is the case, it needs some discussion before the break. Many couples do not say a word about it, but then one or both people end up dating or being intimate with someone else during the break. If they end up getting back together and the other person finds out about it, feelings of cheating and betrayal could result.

Monogamous breaks

In this approach to how to take a break from a relationship without breaking up, the couple decides to refrain from dating or sleeping with anyone else while apart. In these cases, couples often do not want to breakup. They simply need some time away from one another, although they fully intend to get back together after it is over. In a way, promising not to get involved with anyone else provides assurance that this can happen.

Breaks that are preludes to breakups

Some couples are not ready to let go of the relationship completely, although they may subconsciously want to breakup. In these situations, taking a break often leads to breaking up. This situation can work well for both parties when both of them realize that they are better off apart. However, it can be very hurtful if one of them wants to get back together and the other realizes that he or she does not.

How to Take a Break in a Relationship Without Breaking Up: Things to Keep in Mind

If you want to know how to take a break in a relationship without breaking up, one key aspect is that you have to handle it delicately. Whether you end up getting back together or not, it is important to avoid hurt feelings as much as possible.

Discussing terms of the break

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Before the couple takes a break, it is important that they discuss the terms of said break. The purpose of this is that neither one ends up getting blindsided. If one of them has the intention of dating other people, the other should know this. If one of them is considering breaking up, he or she should be honest about this as well. It is often the case that the two people have very different feelings about the relationship. One common case involves one person wanting it to move forward and the other considering ending it. In any case, communication is very important, so that both people have some sense of what is about to happen.

Accepting that the break may turn into a breakup

For a break to work without a breakup taking place, you'll need set rules and parameters. Both people must agree on the terms of the break, and they must both be willing to adhere to the rules. If they are committed to getting back together and working through problems, they may be able to work it out. That is a critical part of how to take a break in a relationship without breaking up.

However, if couples do not want to delineate specific time frames for the break and have a hard time setting these parameters, that might be a sign that they are about to breakup for good. There are many perks to single life that people may realize that they miss once on the break. As such, even if it was not the original intention, people may be tempted to leave the relationship for good. That is one of many reasons why people may want to consider staying and working on their problems instead of taking a break. If there are problems in the relationship, taking a break will likely not make them go away. It can provide both people with clarity, but this clarity can also lead to a breakup.

It's All About What's Best for You

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If you feel that it may be best for the relationship to end but do not want to take the plunge and end it, a break may be one way to deal with the problem. However, in this situation, there is a chance that all you are doing is postponing the inevitable breakup. In these situations, it is often better to simply break up, so that both people can start the process of moving on more quickly.

However, if you truly care about your partner and are very concerned with how to take a break in a relationship without breaking up, it is very important to communicate all of your emotions and concerns with your partner. Make sure that you are both on the same page regarding the break, and that you are each fully aware of how the other feels about reconciling the relationship. Communication is key when it comes to getting back together in these situations.

There Is No One Right Way

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In the end, it is important to do what will ultimately make you happy.  Sometimes, this involves ending the relationship and being single again. In others, it involves both people developing a better understanding of what they need from their respective partners. Essentially, if you are wondering about how to take a break in a relationship without breaking up, there is no one right way. In the end, you have to trust that whatever is meant to be will be.


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