Top 8 Birthday Gifts for Him and Her

Choosing birthday gifts for friends is no easy feat. Finding the right birthday gifts for your loved ones is even more difficult. But making up your mind on buying the perfect birthday gift for your significant other? That may very well be the hardest decision of them all. Not only do you have to convince them you know what they like, but you should also put your personal touch on it. This ensures they can tell the difference between a gift given by their mother and a gift coming from their “better half.”

If your significant other enjoys something particular, then finding a gift that suits them in that niche should be easy. If they are in love with a particular television series, buy them a product to remind them of that show. Should they like playing a specific sport or game, they will love receiving any gift revolving around that topic. Remember a time when they said, “I really want that!”? Go out and get them that thing! The key to finding the perfect gift for them is to think like your partner and ponder: what would I love to get as a birthday present?

The gift also depends on your budget. While we would all like to be able to afford an exuberant gift to wow our loved one, that is not always possible. Should you be unable to provide the gift you know they would like or want, consider making something yourself. Not only will cut down on cost, but it may also turn out to be the best gift they have ever received from you.

The DIY Option


If you want to add a personal touch, consider making your own your gift. Doing it yourself (DIY) will make the gift that much more intimate because you’re putting in hard work instead of buying it off a shelf. While it will take some time to make (depending on the complexity of the project), it may also be more cost-effective. Gauge the birthday girl or boy’s personality and create something that is not only attractive to them, but also functional. If you’re a handy carpenter, craft an ornate box so your significant other can store their most treasured belongings. Or make a bouquet but instead of containing flowers, stuff the arrangement with anything they may like. You could include anything from mini model cars to chocolates or even mini liquor bottles. There are thousands of tutorials available online to make your DIY project one of a kind. And, buying the parts and pieces is so simple on sites like Amazon.

However, there are some challenges to overcome if you’re making your own gift. Firstly, if you live with the birthday person, making their birthday gifts may prove difficult. You may not have enough time to put together a gift when they are not at home. Secondly, the gift you make may not necessarily be as good as purchasing one. For example, if your creative skills are subpar, you may be better of buying your giftee something off their wishlist. Otherwise, you’ll risk giving them something they may not honestly like. Lastly, if the birthday girl or boy wants something specific from a store, do not waste your efforts on trying to make the item by hand. It is better to gift them something they genuinely want than to create something that may inevitably meet its demise in the dumpster after a time malingering in the back of their closet.


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How We Reviewed

We searched the world wide web to find the best birthday gifts to awe your loved one. We know how difficult it is to find the right gift, which is why we highlighted many potential presents. Their prices also range from low to high so you can find the best possible gift within your means.

Birthday Gifts for Her

Finding the perfect gift for a woman is all about understanding her wants, needs, and personality traits. As her confidante, you should be aware of her likes and dislikes as well as what she may be missing. Think back to moments she didn’t have an item and had to “make do” with whatever she happened to have on hand. If you can’t think of anything, gift her with a thoughtful item that is both beautiful and functional. Here are some ideas to get you started.

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A digital frame is the perfect birthday gift if you’ve been together for ages and you’re not sure what to give her anymore. This digital picture frame is ten inches wide and holds 32 gigabytes worth of photos. The touchscreen makes finding photos within your collection and is portable thanks to its rechargeable battery. The Photospring has the option of importing pictures automatically from several devices. Automating this sometimes arduous task takes the stress out of loading up new photos every few days or weeks. However, if you want to give her a great surprise, consider pre-loading the frame with your favorite memories and pictures of both of you.

This digital frame also analyses and re-formats photos to automatically fill the frame. Plus, it filters out duplicates and poor-quality images, so you always display only your best photos. This frame costs $$$ to $$$ and is available online as well in stores including Best Buy and Walmart.

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Essential oils have a myriad of health benefits. Tea tree oil, for example, is an active ingredient in face peels, lotions, and even some homemade ear treatments because of their anti-inflammatory and disinfectant properties. Each essential oil has unique features and benefits. Essential oils can be ingested, used topically or used in a diffuser. The diffuser disperses the essential oil throughout the room using mist.

Sleek, modern-looking essential oil diffusers are excellent birthday gifts. The Aroma Tree by Saje is wrapped in a beautiful light beech wood to invite the great outdoors into her bedroom. Inspired by nature, this diffuser does not use heat to disperse the mist. Being heat-free means the oil does not lose any of its beneficial properties. The Aroma Tree is also energy-efficient, quiet, and features an automatic shut-off should your giftee forget to turn it off. It can run continuously for five hours or intermittently for 10 hours and boasts a 115 mL tank. This particular diffuser is only available on Saje’s website for between $$$ and $$$. Unfortunately, it has no reviews as of yet.

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Birthday gifts can be the turning point between a casual fling and the start of a budding relationship. If you want to show her that you’re ready for the next step, give her a gift she will never forget. This gold-plated rose is more beautiful than any bouquet of roses and will last a lifetime.

Because these stunning pieces of art use real red roses, each one is slightly different than the other. The seller uses dehydrated roses and dips them in resin to preserve them. Then, the seller dips the in 24-carat gold using electroplating technique. The entire 65-step process takes four days to make from conception to shipping. The rose is available in a variety of colors including, red, pink, blue, and even black.

The roses are only available on Amazon and their prices range depending on the color (MDASH) red roses, for example, cost $$ to $$ depending on the color of the box. Customers have rated the product 4.5 out 5 stars. Customers have complimented the roses on their quality and the secure packaging. However, some customer reviews (like many others) have complained that the base is not very sturdy and buyers should use another kind of vase.

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Travel-oriented birthday gifts are ideal for the woman who always takes a journey somewhere every couple of weeks. Keeping her makeup and jewelry organized ensures nothing breaks along the way. Instead of merely tossing everything into a bag and hoping for the best, jewelry-specific bags package everything from earrings to necklaces in a safe, tangle-free way.

Bagsmart’s jewelry storage case is made of a soft polyester material, features a two-way zipper and keeps all your beautiful jewelry separate from each other. There are 5 snaps at the top to hold necklaces, spots for 15 pairs of earrings and two padded cylinders to keep your rings in place. Best of all, its small enough to fit in a safe or carry-on luggage.

This travel organizer is available in 3 different colors (black, blue, and pink) on Bagsmart’s website or Amazon for $25.99. Customers rated the product 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon and it has 81 reviews. Most reviewers praise this product for neatly organizing all of their jewelry without taking up too much space in their bag. The only downside is the lack of an elastic band across the necklaces to keep them in place en route.

Birthday Gifts for Him

Birthday gifts for your boyfriend, husband, or significant other is no walk in the park. However, choosing the right gift is made easier if you are aware of their wants and needs, just like when choosing for women. But just because they need a new sweater doesn’t mean you should necessarily purchase one. After all, who wants to receive something as impersonal as a sweater from their loved one on their birthday? Find some incredible birthday gifts using our guide below.

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For the sophisticated businessman who appreciates style but despises briefcases, satchels are the answer. This navy blue Cambridge satchel is made of 100 percent leather cowhide and features with brown leather tabs and brass hardware. Made in Britain, the bag has an adjustable shoulder strap. The bag also comes with a dust bag to protect the leather when in storage. Customers can personalize the bag by adding the recipient’s name or a symbol (such as a heart, cloud or even a crescent moon) for an additional fee.

This particular bag is only available on Cambridge Satchel’s website for between $$$ and $$$. Customers rate the bag 4.5 stars out of 5. Customers are mostly satisfied with their purchase. However, one review has given this bag a mere three stars out of five. Their low score is because the customer was not able to fit a standard 15-inch laptop into the bag and claims the bag also did not have any individual pockets. Besides the lack of organization, the customer was pleased with the bag’s overall look.

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Omega Speedmaster, Rolex Daytona, Tag Huer Autavia: If any of these watch makes or models sound familiar, your significant other has good taste in watches. Chances are they also need a safe place to store their valuable pieces from scratches and dust when they aren’t in use. Forego the traditional jewelry box and instead, invest in a watch box to keep their prized watch-pieces safe and sound.

Things Remembered is a brick-and-mortar store which readily engraves most of the product on their shelves. One such item is their valet tray featuring a crocodile texture on the outside and a grey velvet-like interior. This particular item has spots for three watches and multiple rings under the velvet-lined cover. The rest of the box can hold other pieces of jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, and cufflinks.

Purchase this product at Things Remembered’s online website. It costs $$ to $$ and engraving the silver plate atop the box is an option for an extra fee. Although there are no customer reviews, we’re sure it would make for a fantastic birthday gift for him.

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Finding suitable birthday gifts involving personal grooming is a courageous goal to pursue. Not only must you pinpoint what your man’s preference is, but you also have no way of knowing this is what he truly wants. However, as his partner, you may know more about him that his loved ones do — especially if you live with him!

This beard kit by Maison Lambert is the ultimate present for the beard-owning man in your life. Whether he already has a thick, lumberjack-style beard or is in the process of growing one, this kit will keep it in tip-top shape. The contents of the box include a 4-ounce bottle of beard shampoo, 2-ounce beard balm, 1-ounce beard oil, 4-ounce body soap, and a wooden beard comb. All the bottled items contain organic, chemical-free ingredients, and it is all packaged in a rustic, wooden cigar box. Better yet, none of the items are animal-tested so your conscience can rest easy.

Although there are many beard kits available in the market, you can only buy this particular from Maison Lambert. All the contents (including the cigar box) costs $$ to $$. Despite not having any reviews on their website, this beard kit has been called one of the best kits available online.

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Does your significant other always misplace his wallet? Does he search the entire bedroom, living room, and even the bathroom to try and find his cell phone? If this sounds familiar, one of the best birthday gifts you could probably give him is the gift of better memory. Sadly, that isn’t possible so he’ll have to settle for an organizer to keep all his ducks in a row.

This sleek, classy-looking night table organizer on Etsy looks small but holds the majority of his daily items. The Etsy seller makes this organizer using Ukrainian oak and seals it using a combination of natural vegetable oil and beeswax. The two slats of oak slide together to form an “L” shape and rest on a table without any additional pieces. The front holds a cell phone, two to three watches or bracelets and the last cut-out can hold anything from sunglasses to earphones. There is a larger cut-out on the back where he can keep his wallet, coins, and any other knick-knacks handy. Not unlike other items on this list, personalization is an option for an extra fee for that extra personal touch.

You can have this shipped to your door for $$ to $$ before shipping. The cost depends on whether or not you want it personalized as well. Customers give the seller’s overall profile an incredible 5.0 out of 5 stars. And that is because this particular product earned the favor of about 145 people.

Which One Should I Buy?

Whether or not you’re emotionally invested in someone, shopping for birthday gifts are always tricky. But sprinkle in some added pressure to impress, and it’ll leave you in quite the predicament. If you’re short on cash, do some research online and try making something from scratch. Give yourself plenty of time to create something both aesthetically pleasing and heartfelt. On the flip side, if you’ve been with the person for many years, they deserve to be spoiled. In this case, save up for something truly worthwhile to show him or her that you genuinely care. Whichever option you choose, remember to think with your heart and not with your wallet.


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